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Complete & Affordable Tax Returns

The Kalculators help you regain control of your individual or business tax returns and provide tax advice to our clients all over Australia. We understand the complexities of taxation, and give you the peace-of-mind that comes with having an expert handle everything for you.

We make tax simple. In a complex world with frequent changes in legislation, our team of experienced tax accountants help you to better understand your past and future tax implications. We help our clients with friendly, clear and concise tax discussions and pro-actively make suggestions to improve your financial situation.

Bookkeepers Adelaide

We can process your accounts from scratch, based on bank statements, invoices and bills, keeping you up to date and on track.

Our bookkeepers in Adelaide can also come to your premises and do your bookkeeping. We can help if you need a bookkeeper for a few hours a week, a fixed monthly fee for bookkeeping, payroll or other services. Even if you need a full-time bookkeeping and accounting resource to help with everything through to BAS and tax returns, let us know and we can assist.


Quality Advice That Counts

When it comes to accounting software, The Kalculators believe in solutions catered to the individual or business and their unique business structure. The one-size-fits-all approach is irrelevant in the complex and dynamic environment we operate in today, and you can trust The Kalculators to find/implement what works for you.

Choose long-term flexibility for living.

We provide a ‘one stop’ personal service solution for clients seeking finance for life’s needs and purchases.

Working together we will discuss your finance needs and financial position. By taking the time to understand what you are planning to achieve, you will benefit from our advice and research of loans available from our extensive panel of more than 30 major bank and non-bank Lenders.

You will be provided with a written recommendation to meet your needs today and into the future, taking into consideration loan features important to maintaining your financial flexibility while achieving a highly competitive interest rate and all available discounts.

It is important to understand that all loans are provided at the same price that would apply directly from the Lender. In many cases we are able to achieve additional discounts on rates and bank fees through effective loan structuring.

You will save an enormous amount of time and frustration as we will deal with the banks on your behalf, prepare your loan application for approval and manage the process from start to finish.


Let us sort out your insurance needs

We are committed to assisting client to protect their assets and provide solutions to help make secure the insurance aspects of each client’s business. Whatever your Insurance needs, you can be confident in Your Business Insurance to take care of you; in short, rest assured, we shall always strive to exceed your expectations.

Protecting Your Wealth

Are you, your family, or your business dependent on your income? Do you know what your options are if you lose your income at short notice? Do you know how to protect your income through appropriate insurance?

We find that knowing how to protect your family and finances should your income be affected is often the most concerning for clients. Knowing how insurance plays a role in helping manage your financial position will ensure that you don’t need to stay awake at night worrying. Insurance doesn’t have to be unaffordable and we work with the team at Treehouse to provide clear and relevant information surrounding the many options that are available and help you decide which option is best for your personal situation.

Retirement Planning

At some stage in everyone’s life, they need to think about how they will fund their retirement. Most people are earning good money in a paid job or are running a business and drawing wages. At retirement, this income ceases. So you have to have other sources of income. Everyone’s fall back is the Government age pension. But do you want to live just on the age pension.

Compulsory employee superannuation has been in for many years, so those that have been employed for long periods will at least have some funds available to them at retirement. But will that be enough?

Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs with the ultimate aim of having enough income producing assets at retirement so that you can live the life that you deserve. The team at Treehouse will help you achieve this goal, even if retirement may seem a lifetime away. The sooner you start planning the more likely you will be able to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

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