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Best service, and a good refund. This is my second year with Madeeha. Thank you so much!

Award Winning Tax Accountants for Property Owners in Adelaide

Are you looking for an accountant near you? Are you a first-time homeowner in Adelaide? Or are you looking to invest in a residential or commercial property? The Kalculators is an award-winning team of accountants in Adelaide, helping residential property owners or families with their tax lodgements.

Starting from $79, we provide affordable tax return services all over Adelaide. We help you make tax simple and easy to understand. Know where you spend your money and how you can make the most of it? With residential and commercial property-based tax accountants, we help you sort your tax returns in minutes.

With the everchanging ATO and legislation requirements in Australia. We help you understand your past and future tax implications better.

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Our tax and accounting services are affordable and by the experienced.

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Affordable Pricing

Before we do anything, we’ll let you know exactly what it’s going to cost. The starting price is just $79 for a basic individual tax return, Adelaide! We’ll let you know upfront if it’s going to cost any more.

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Maximum ATO Refunds

Our Tax Agents are trained and experienced in securing maximum ATO refunds, claiming all available entitlements. If you want to get more on your tax return, then give us a call now.

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Quick & Easy Appointments

With over 8 offices across South Australia, we can book you in at a branch and a time that suits you. Because we are open after hours and can arrange appointments on weekends, seeing one of our accountants couldn’t be easier.

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ATO Interest & Penalties

We can advise and act on your behalf for the remission of interest charges. Not sure what this means? Just shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to explain.

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24/7 Support

We’ll help you with timely tax-saving tips, late filings, amendments to your tax returns and more. Our offices are open on weekends and after hours. Call us anytime, use live chat, or schedule an appointment online.

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Qualified Tax Agents Adelaide

Our team is composed of highly qualified registered tax agents and chartered accountants in Adelaide. We have over 8 years of experience in accounting and tax preparation. We guarantee you will benefit from our professional services.

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Happy homeowner
Roberts Amma
Adelaide, Australia
200 Customer Reviews
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I’ve been in running businesses for 21 years now and have had several accountants in that time. These guys by far are the best I’ve dealt with. No mucking me around, kept it simple and answered all my questions. Highly recommended!

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$79 tax returns are just the beginning

The Kalculators provides tax services at reasonable prices – that’s our promise. Our registered tax agents are all highly qualified and experienced in getting maximum ATO refunds. In fact, we assist clients with tax advice all year round, not just at the end of the financial year.

  • Fully qualified chartered accountants
  • More than 8 years in tax advice and preparation
  • Multilingual, multicultural team
  • Appointment times to suit you
  • Quick and easy, with no complicated forms
  • More than 8 office locations in Adelaide

Make sure you’re claiming maximum entitlements and schedule a consultation now.

  • Affordable – Professional services at reasonable prices.
  • Fast – Quick appointments and faster refunds
  • Hassle – Free – No complicated forms, simple proces


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Professional services at reasonable prices.

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Quick appointments and rapid refunds

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No complicated forms and no drama


How much do you charge for property tax returns?

The property tax return is an additional charge on your usual tax return that starts from $60. Also, depending on the number of properties you are claiming tax for. For more information on property tax return pricing, please feel free to contact us on 08 7480 2593 or send us a message.

How can property owners maximise their tax refund?

Property owners can maximise their tax return by knowing exactly what they are eligible to claim. And if from council rates, to other expenses an individual can deduct for property maintenance or upgrade. However, this completely depends on an individual’s situation and whether they are eligible for it or not.

How can I claim investment property on my tax return?

You can’t claim any listed expenses unless you have sufficient evidence and these are applicable under tax deductions. To claim any kind of relevant tax-deductible expenses, we advise individuals to make sure they keep receipts, invoices and other important information or documents that relates to the rental property’s expenditure.

How do investment properties affect my tax return?

For individuals looking to buy a property for an investment purpose or new rental property owners can have such questions, based on your deductions and circumstances. For example if you had to take a loan from the bank to purchase an investment property, you are entitled to claim any kind of interest charged on your loan in your rental property deductions.

How can The Kalculators help with maximising my tax returns?

The Kalculators is a team of experienced accountants, helping individuals, business owners and organisations with their tax liabilities and requirements. Based in Adelaide, we have over 8 office locations spread out across the Northern and Southern parts of the city. Our tax return services are affordable and easily accessible to the residents of South Australia.

Where are your offices located in Adelaide?

We are located across Adelaide, with offices in Blair Athol, South Road, Woodville, Adelaide, Salisbury, Murray Bridge and Port Augusta. For more information on our office locations, please visit: Locations - The Kalculators

How can I make an appointment for property tax return with The Kalculators?

Simply click on – Schedule an Appointment or give us a call on 08 7480 2593 for more information. Once your appointment has been confirmed, our admin team will send you a checklist of documents, that you need to bring with you.


  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Sturt, Adelaide, Australia
  • Ironbank, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Willaston, Adelaide, Australia
  • College Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, Australia
  • College Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Willaston, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Ironbank, Adelaide, Australia
  • Sturt, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia

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