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Best service, and a good refund. This is my second year with Madeeha. Thank you so much!

Award-Winning Family Trust Tax Return Accountants in Adelaide

Our Award-winning family trust accountants in Adelaide can save your hard-earned money if you get proactive support in a timely manner. We are leading tax accountants in South Australia. With the experience of 9 years, we help you in preparing your trust tax return and offer a full range of trust taxation services as well as financial management.

A professionally set up family trust will help you in distributing your income, managing, and minimizing your taxes. Our tax agents also help you in establishing structures that will maximise future tax savings and asset protection.

Talk to our expert advisers at The Kalculators and leave the rest to us, we will take care of everything according to ATO.

Book a consultation, and leave the rest to us!

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Professional & certified tax accountants at your convenience

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Affordable Pricing

Before we do anything, we’ll let you know exactly what it’s going to cost. The starting price is just $110 for a Family trust or trust tax return, Adelaide! We’ll let you know upfront if it’s going to cost any more.

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Maximum Trust tax Return

Our Tax accountants are trained and experienced in securing maximum ATO refunds, helping you claim your hard-earned money back. If you want to get more on your tax return, get in touch with us today!

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Schedule Appointments

With 9 offices across South Australia, we can book you in at a branch and a time that suits you. Whether you like to visit our office or book an online appointment. We value your time and convenience. we are only minutes away from you!

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ATO Interest & Penalties

We can advise and act on your behalf ensuring you stay in compliance with your ATO requirement.

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24/7 Service

We’ll help you with timely tax-saving tips, late filings, amendments to your tax returns, and more. Our offices are open on weekends and after hours. Call us anytime, visit us, use live chat or schedule an appointment online.

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Registered Tax Accountants

We have registered Tax agents and chartered accountants. With over 9 years of experience in accounting and tax lodgments, we guarantee you will benefit from our professional services.

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Hari Bhandari testimonial
Hari Bhandari
Adelaide, Australia
200 Customer Reviews
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Madeeha has been doing our taxes for several years. She is so modest and manages her work and home so well. She is very considerate to all migrants and held us to get the maximum tax refund and guides us to do the right thing. Highly recommended!

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Start your family Trust at the Kalculators

At Kalculators tax experts can help you to figure out which structure of the trust is best for your personal goals, and then advise you on how to use it to save money and preserve your assets. We offer the following trust accounting services:

  • Family Trust tax return services
  • Explain the appropriate trust setup/trust structure for you
  • Manage the trust you already have
  • Help you in distributing your revenue in a tax-efficient manner
  • Help you in long-term asset protection and tax planning
  • Trust compliance and professional services

If you have any general queries, call us at 08 7480 2593 or simply send us an email.

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Professional services at reasonable prices.

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Quick appointments and rapid refunds

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No complicated forms and no drama

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a family trust?

A family trust is a trust created to keep the assets of a family or to run a business. They're usually formed up for protective factors and/or tax considerations.

In Australia, the most common kind of trust adopted by business owners is a family trust.

What steps do I require to set up a family trust?

Families with private enterprises and other sources of income will benefit from establishing a family trust in Australia. To create a family trust, by following the steps below:

  • Choose original trust Name.
  • Nominate a trustee Individual or Company
  • Determine the beneficiaries
  • Make a trust deed
  • Execute the Trust deed
  • You need to do stamping depending on each state and territory laws
  • Apply for ABN/TFN/GST/PAYG etc.
  • Open a Bank Account
  • Start your Business

Is it worthwhile to establish a family trust?

Family trusts, in Australia, can save you a lot of tax and provide you with asset protection.

What does it cost to establish a family trust?

The cost of setting up a family trust depends on the structure selected.

Who is responsible to lodge a tax return for a family trust?

An attorney or trustee is responsible for filing a trustee income tax return and paying any taxes required for each year that an estate or trust exists. Usually, the money paid out or expected to be distributed under the provisions of trust is taxable to the beneficiaries.

Does a family trust need to file a tax return in 2022?

Mostly, all trusts that earn money during the year are required to file an income tax return.

How long does The Kalculators take to set up a family trust?

Mostly, it will take less than 10 business days to set up a family trust.

How you can contact us at The Kalculators?

Visit us at or call us at 08 7480 2593 for a chat or to set up a meeting.


  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Sturt, Adelaide, Australia
  • Ironbank, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Willaston, Adelaide, Australia
  • College Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, Australia
  • College Park, Adelaide, Australia
  • Willaston, Adelaide, Australia
  • Brahma Lodge, Adelaide, Australia
  • Ironbank, Adelaide, Australia
  • Sturt, Adelaide, Australia
  • Wattle Park, Adelaide, Australia

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